Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Classic Crusade - Automuseum Prototyp - Hamburg

Whenever on my travels research and good planning is always my basis for making the most out of a city. While planning a recent trip to Hamburg I discovered the 'Prototyp Automuseum' dedicated to rare prototype vehicles, needless to say this was going on the 'must see' list.

The museum is set in an old factory in Hamburgs 'Hafencity' which has been converted to house an impressive collection of rare (and I would guess, priceless) historical vehicles. Everything from racing cars, military vehicles, world record breakers and innovative coupes and convertibles can be found throughout the museum. As well as a wealth of original designs, marketing and information.

The museum displayed an interesting look at the evolution of the automobile, and how our relationship with it has changed and developed throughout time. Unsurprisingly being in Germany, the museums collection focused on German cars and the German automotive industry. So sadly, no Morris Minors! But you cant have everything!

Alice Durose

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