Sunday, 24 April 2016

East Midlands MMOC Drive it Day 2016

Having only got my car last Autumn, its my first ever season owning a classic car and getting involved in the various events organised by the club and the branch throughout the year. One event which has been greatly anticipated is 'Drive it Day'. The prospect of seeing a multitude of classics out on the road, as well as getting involved with the Branch's own run was an exciting one. So in the true spirit of things the picnic basket was stocked, the oil was checked and we were ready to hit the road on our first ever Drive it Day.

After negotiating a closed road, lengthy diversion and lots of very steep hills (much to William's dismay), we made it to Carsington Water to meet the other members of our Branch and join the line up representing the East Midlands MMOC for the day.

It was great to see so many different cars present, all with their own little quirks and variations giving each Minor its own individual character. We had a great day spending time with everyone at Carsington, meeting new fellow classic car owners, sharing laughter and knowledge with everyone from the branch and proudly representing Morris Minor Owners in the East Midlands.

A special thanks to the Barnsley Branch of the MMOC who drove down to spend Drive it Day with us at Carsington! Thank you Barnsley! We Salute you!

Alice Durose

East Midlands Branch line up
East Midlands Branch line up
Ray's Traveller and his fab dog Benji
Many thanks to the Barnsley Branch for joining us at Carsington!

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