Saturday, 14 May 2016

Morris of the Month - May

May's 'Morris of the Month' is a special indulgence, as today is my cars 59th birthday. 59 years ago today my car; William, was first registered, so Happy Birthday William!
I'm the most inexperienced member in our branch (I'm still a learner driver), but what I lack in technical knowledge and experience, I make up for in enthusiasm and passion for my beloved little car. So here's a few little facts and stories about my William Morris.

Type/Model of Vehicle:
Morris Minor 1000
Year of Production: 1957
Date you acquired the vehicle: October 2015

Vehicles Name: William Morris (named after my favourite Textiles Designer and Victorian Socialist)
Colour: Clarendon Grey
Special Features/upgrades: He has servo assisted brakes, a conversion to unleaded, an alternator and an electric fuel pump
Year you joined the MMOC: 2016
Your favourite story/fact about your Minor: I first set my heart on buying a Morris Minor about 4 years ago, after seeing one at a Steam Rally and falling in love. I always knew if I ever learnt to drive it would be so I could own a classic car; Id always loved old cars and they were the only thing Id ever wanted to drive. As time went on I started to think more and more seriously about buying a Morris. I decorated an envelope to start saving money to buy my first Morris (which Id already decided I would call William). When eventually, years later, I decided it was time to start learning to drive and begin looking seriously at cars we found William in North Yorkshire. After I made the decision to go for it and make him mine, I got my envelope, which had been a great reminder of my dream car and what I was aiming for and saving for. Inside I found a note which said 'IOU £20'. Thankfully I had a savings account, as well as my envelope. 
Work undertaken on your car: When I bought William he'd just had his engine rebuilt. Other than general maintenance, brake work and a new set of tyres the only major work we've undertaken on the car so far is refitting an original pair of reconditioned Lucas semaphores. It seemed a shame not to reinstate the trafficators, since they're an original feature and for me part of the charm and character of the car. 
Favourite place you've visited in your Minor: Newstead Abbey
Other vehicles: None
First ever car: This one.
Other hobbies/interests/pastimes: I'm an Artist, which takes up most of my time. When I'm not painting I enjoy hiking, reading and cooking. I love music, in particular Heavy Metal. I collect classic Horror movies, cheese boxes and Marmite memorabilia.

Thanks for taking the time to read about my William Morris. Hopefully I'll have some more tales to tell following more Minor adventures this summer. Coming up are the East Midlands Branch Classic Car Night, Barnsley MMOC Rally, Grantham Classic Car Rally and the Autokarna ... to name a few!

If you want to be Junes 'Morris of the Month' get in touch and regale us with some Minor related tales!
Alice Durose

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