Sunday, 31 July 2016

'Monks and Minors' Mansfield Branch Rally 2016

I had long heard great reviews about the Mansfield Branch Rally at Rufford Abbey. Being told that the event was not to be missed and cars came from far and wide to attend, so it would have been rude not to take a run down the road to join in.

The venue; Rufford Abbey and the parkland it sits within, were another new place to me. The semi-ruinous Abby provided an impressive setting and an unusual backdrop to a collection of around 70 classics. Fair weather, with the occasional burst of sunshine, provided the chance to mingle and see lots of familiar faces from local Branches, and also meet friendly folk who'd travelled from a great variety of places to be at the Rally.

With the grounds to peruse, cafes and the Abbey, there was no shortage of things to do if you wanted to take a stroll, or of course you could just kick back, relax and listen to the Brass band. There were a great variety of Minors on display, with a few non-Morris Classics thrown in for good measure. With plenty to see and do the day flew by and was thoroughly enjoyable!

Many thanks to our neighbour Branch Mansfield for a great Rally! See you next year!

Alice Durose