Monday, 26 September 2016

Vintage Fair at Treetops Hospice, Risley

After hearing from another Branch member about the annual Vintage Fair held at the Treetops Hospice is Risley and how promising and enjoyable the little event was we hoped for good weather to enable us to go along join in.

Knowing the days of enjoying warm, dry Rallies for the rest of the year were numbered, we seized a reasonable looking morning and hoped for the best (and packed a few umbrellas just in case).
Upon arrival at what is probably the closest event we've ever travelled to the sun began to show its face and battle with the clouds, which was generally the consensus for the rest of the day.

There was a great mixture of classics on show at the Fair, from some beautiful pre-war Austin and Hillman vehicles to a Porsche Speedster and a GMC Jimmy. Sandwiched between a Ford Model C Ten and a Jowett Bradford my Morris looked strangely modern, something I never imagined I'd find myself saying. There were some truly beautiful and treasured vehicles on display, with some
fantastic tales to accompany them. As I've found with so many events over the past year, there were many truly brilliant, friendly characters behind the wheel of each car, ready to regale you with delightful stories and give you sound advice.

Huge thanks to Treetops Hospice and all their staff and volunteers for putting on a brilliant event with plenty to see, do and enjoy throughout the day.

Alice Durose